Etiquettes in the World of Internet

With the availability of fast 4G internet, we are now more powerful than ever, and it has allowed us to be limitless, but being limitless might not always be as good as it sounds. We need to know where we must draw the line, especially in this fast-moving digital world, where everything is connected. With this in mind, to raise awareness against the inappropriate usage of the internet, with Grameenphone we launched the “Grameenphone Online Etiquette” campaign.
Our campaign was brought to life with a thematic online video commercial, in which it showed the misuse of internet popular musician Tahsan Khan witnesses on a daily basis on social media. To add to it, we used 10s snippets of the commercial for micro-videos, as well as a static content series. To further strengthen the campaign, we formed a partnership with Bengal Beats, RJ endorsements on Radio Foorti Dhaka FM and ABC Radio, which gave us more exposure.
The use of multimodal contents, activities and of course the powerful campaign idea itself made it viral and helped to reach a broader audience, engagement and most importantly spread the message over a very short period. This was shared by Desh Bidesher Biggyapon, Osama Bin Noor and many others. The campaign got 66 million-plus impressions, more than 20 million views and over 1.24 million engagements. Lastly, we could say we were successful to make our message heard and proud to have initiated this campaign and raise awareness on this issue.