Effective use of Brand Communication during the COVID 19 pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic took the world by storm and stagnated lives throughout the nations. Streets became empty, offices and industries shut down. The enforced lockdown isolated us from our daily lives, confining us in our homes. In this panic, the mass people were all connected through social media for staying connected with their loved ones as well as for news updates and information on the COVID 19 virus. We were able to reach millions of people by amplifying our messages through reputed brands such as Grameenphone & Nerolac.
Grameenphone was the first in the industry to speak out for the people’s safety. We started the dialogue with a series of clear static, video, and dynamic visual communications for the masses as a socially conscious brand. The brand cited reputable sources during the national lockdown to speak about precautions, signs and how to resolve an infection via social media, Google display network, MyGP app and other local ad networks. The results for the powerful social campaign speaks for itself, generating a ground-breaking 98 million+ impressions, 71 million+ reach, 36 million+ video views and over 3.2 million in engagement.




Nerolac launched an OVC during the first Eid observed by anyone under such a horrific circumstance. The OVC was based around the tagline “কেয়ারফুল থেকে ঈদ করি কালারফুল”, in an effort to continue to play a positive role in the lives of our people, for a safe and beautiful future. We took this opportunity to address the importance of taking the required precautions in the current situation of Covid-19, especially during the time of Eid when we all become restless to meet our loved ones. The OVC revolved around a powerful message that urged people to act responsibly for a safer tomorrow, during the most celebrated occasion. The video, appealing to the emotions of the viewer, gathered a lot of publicity for organic interaction. The campaign generated a total impression of more than 9 million. Throughout the campaign, there was an abiding 51% view rate, creating more than 45,600 engagement.