WowBox – Pocket er Genie (The Genie in your Pocket)


WowBox has a wide range of utility to offer to its user including data packs at special rates, lifestyle solutions namely fashion, beauty and health tips, news and, entertainment, music, games, exclusive deals and offers and more making it the “All in One” app which provides them with the information and entertainment they wish for.


  • Establish WowBox as the ultimate all-in-one solution for smartphone users.
  • To create awareness about the wide range of benefits of WowBox and engage users with the utility.
  • To attract new users and give them a demo experience.
  • To bring back inactive users through an incentive


Genie is a spirit of Arabian folklore, as depicted traditionally imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting any wish when summoned. In this marketing campaign, the idea was to portray and establish WowBox as the Genie in their Pockets by promoting its varieties of features to the audience through a series of visuals. The creatives established the fact that WowBox was analogous to have a Genie and how it can change one’s life. To further establish this idea, “the Genie” was giving away 101 exciting prizes by simply asking users to make 3 wishes to their Genie, namely WowBox.


Series of creatives promoting different WowBox USPs were posted in different channels to create interest among the potential users which started with a pre-campaign promotion and followed by campaign call to action and a thematic series showing life with and without WowBox. Moreover, users were engaged with a relevant contest with the incentive of 101 exciting prizes including a mega prize. All the visual communications were developed with the theme portraying WowBox as the Genie in the users’ pockets who provides them with all the relevant and contextual content and entertainment they wish for.


The campaign was a huge success in terms of engaging users and the audience of the creatives. The visuals got great critical acclamation.

  • The campaign visuals had a total of over 2 million consolidated reach on social media
  • The campaign visuals got featured on the Ads of Bangladesh website for excellent art direction.
  • The contest page got over 1.2 million hits in the app.
  • Over 80,000 people participated in the contest, the highest ever in the history of the brand.
  • Daily download rate increased by over 20% during the campaign period.