Wow Women


Like many other countries in the sub-continent, Bangladeshi women are no strangers to facing abuse and violence from the get-go. Violence against women elevated from July 2016 onwards. Following a few incidents related to violence & harassment, a lot of women across the country were feeling insecure at home & workplace. Wowbox being a leading digital brand of Bangladesh, with over 8 million users, wanted to engage and empower its female users.


  • The aim was to transform the negativity into a positive experience and empowering the women; and to help women be better equipped to face any harassment or odd situation in any place, at any time
  • Engage existing female users of the mobile application.
  • New female user acquisition through the promotion of contextually relevant women-centric contents to make women more prepared to face the adversities that they face on a regular basis.


The big idea was to empower women with contents related to self defense and to organize a professional self-defense workshop to empower them with the mental confidence to face such issues. The campaign was called “Wow Women” and the contents of this campaign was to be distributed through the lifestyle app WowBox.


  • We collaborated and partnered up with Shokti Network, a leading community for women that focusses on women empowerment. ‘Shokti’ was the source for reliable content catering to protection of women in various spheres of life;
  • Along with numerous self-defense tips & tricks in the Wow Box Application and social media channels, we also launched an online contest for crowd sourced self-defense tips, to engage users
  • The campaign was promoted on a variety of channels: in the WowBox app, in social media (Facebook, Instagram), radio promotions (partnership with ABC Radio) to ensure as many women as possible were made aware about it.
  • Throughout the duration of the campaign; there was a strategic placement of more women-centric contents in the high traffic parts of the app. This was done to ensure that new female users would get exposed to contents relevant to them
  • The contestants with the most effective tips were chosen for a self-defense workshop held in Dhaka. The workshop was specially designed by KO Fight Studio, a martial arts studio, keeping the local context in mind.


  • This woman focused campaign reached over 3 million people across digital platforms and directly engaged with over 5000 people.
  • Out of 5768 contestants, 75 individuals with the most effective tips were chosen for a self-defense workshop in Dhaka
  • The event was a hit, with inspirational speeches from relevant stakeholders.
  • Around 120k clicks on average on the self-defence contents in the app. A total of 1.8 million clicks on this content series of Wow Women
  • Above all, millions of citizens were inspired to take a stance to fight against harassment of women.