Whiteboard Launch


In 2016, Grameenphone launched a platform to support the startup eco-system of Bangladesh. The startups can get involved with White-Board by either availing a co-working space or hosting/attending events or even receiving mentorship from the Grameenphone management team.


As the agency, the objective of the project was to create a unique brand identity of White-Board so that visually it would set itself apart from so many other eco-system building platforms of Bangladesh.


Our idea was to go with a very quirky and witty brand identity and communication route, which would resonate White-Board’s role for helping people to think outside the box.

We wanted to align our visual communication with the name of the platform, which is White-Board. White-Board means a blank space where people can come and express their ideas in the form of a writing or drawing. The Big Idea was to go with the ‘doodle’ approach for each and every part of White-Board’s brand communication.


For the entire brand communication of White-Board, one specialized cartoonist from our agency, who is a Graduate of Institute of Fine Arts (Charukola), was full-time involved. Him along with the Creative Director, Art Director, Visualizer and Copywriter worked relentlessly for one whole quarter to research and come up with the communication of White-Board.

Apart from the ‘doodle’ sketches, our communications also went deeply into a satirical perspective of seeing things which would enable people to think beyond their natural perspective. Each and every event of White-Board was publicized through these quirky communications as well.


The end result was that within a short period of time, White-Board was able to position itself as a brand independent of Grameenphone, which the startup community could closely associate with. Within months, each and every event had good traction with a lot of participants. Till date, White-Board’s visual communication stands out as being separate from the rest of the brands that are under the Grameenphone umbrella.