Pledge For Parity


2016 was the year when there was a lot of press and media regarding some rape incidents and women harassment. Usually during Women’s Day, especially Telcos compete against one another with their own women focused campaigns. In last year’s International Women’s Day, we also wanted to do a woman focused campaign for Grameenphone and it needed to be aligned with the brand’s positioning of ‘Going Beyond’.


The objective of this campaign was to to empower the women of Bangladesh during this time of distress when there were so many negative news floating around and at the same time connecting it with Grameenphone’s brand positioning.


The big idea under ‘Pledge for Parity’ was to create a movement amongst all the citizens of Bangladesh by motivating, not only the women in doing what they do and go beyond, BUT also motivate the people around them such as fathers, husbands and friends to help them to achieve so and break barriers.


Based on the idea, we scripted the story and we worked with one of the top production houses ‘Run Out Films’. The video was the focal point of the campaign. After the AV was published in Grameenphone’s page, the Call-To-Action for this campaign was for people to share their perspective to inspire and encourage others about women empowerment and spread the knowledge of women rights by tagging the women in their lives and using the hashtag #PledgeForParity.


  • This Women’s Day campaign was a massive hit and the video was the most successful videos of 2016 in terms of engagement and it also became one of the most viewed videos ever on Grameenphone social media platforms with over 2 million views.
  • Following the ‘Pledge for Parity Campaign’, Grameenphone successfully managed to capture the ‘Pledge For Parity’ space within the consumers hearts and there were numerous press and media coverage on the campaign, which followed on after the success of the campaign.