Live Every Moment


GP Music had initially launched its first version of the app on a trial basis. It was fair to say that the first iteration of the app did not receive much traction and success. That is when GP Music decided to rebrand its entire product and relaunch it in the market. Magnito Digital had been given the brief for working on the logo, brand identity, brand kit as well as the entire new brand communication.


Our objective was to choose a creative positioning and a visual direction through which the brand will be able to connect with its core target group.


Since GP Music is a music streaming app brought to people by Grameenphone and listening to music was something very personal, allowing someone to express their emotions or perspective by being in the moment of things, the Big Idea for the renewed brand was ‘Live Every Moment’.


Based on this brand positioning, we conducted photoshoots at various outdoor locations using youthful, unknown, fresh faces to imply that the app can be used by everyday people around us, who choose to live every moment. Based on the photoshoot, tremendous level of effort was put in photo manipulation, where layers and layers were used. These sexy creative communication were not only used for posters, banners and social media, but also within the entire GP Music application interface.

Secondly, we worked on the entire Brand Guideline Kit of GP Music to go with the new brand positioning. The logo and icons was made more flat which was aligned with the global design trend for digital brands.


When GP Music relaunched with the new brand positioning and design, other competitors like Yonder and mJams were also competing side by side GP Music. Even under this intense competitive scenario, with its new look, GP Music stood out in that competitive market and as a result it accumulated 500,000 new users in its first couple of months and within a year it became the leading music streaming app of Bangladesh. GP Music still communicates with its audience with its striking visuals.