Jibon Theke Niye


Ordinary Bangladeshi citizens face a whole range of problems when they try to avail various government services. On the eve of Public Service Day, A2i (Access to Information), a project of UNDP and USAID in affiliation with the government of Bangladesh, wanted to do something innovative for the people of Bangladesh.


  • Tapping in to the societal need of establishing the right of a citizen to demand the government for a solution to their day-to-day problems
  • Establishing a much-needed bridge between the citizens and the government of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a third world developing nation where citizens face political turmoil, structural constraints, and corruption problems on a regular basis. These unstable conditions did not only make the citizens’ lives miserable, but has also made the government’s job much harder. Therefore through a2i, on the eve of Public Service Day 2015, we provided an online platform for the people of Bangladesh where they were asked to share their unheard stories via the campaign “জীবন থেকে নিয়ে” along with a sustainable solution that they think would bring change in the status quo.


  • Magnito Digital conceptualized and developed a campaign “জীবন থেকে নিয়ে” by which the people of Bangladesh were given a platform to express themselves. This was the first time in Bangladesh that the government gave a direct platform for the ordinary people to speak up and suggest their ideas to solve problems.
  • We promoted the campaign through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platform.
  • We made an inspiring video with the famous Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib-Al-Hasan and renowned comedian Naveed Mahbub to encourage the people to submit their stories.
  • We also made a crowd-sourced video featuring the stories of regular people.


  • 1550+ story submissions
  • Almost 8 million impressions through GDN, G&R ad banner in less than 20 days
  • Total campaign reach was almost 1 million
  • 50,000+ users got engaged with this campaign
  • Over 15 independent newspapers featured this campaign
  • A total of 2300+ comments and 28000+ post likes throughout the campaign
  • The campaign got featured in the Social Good Summit 2015, which is affiliated with Bill & Melinda Foundation and UN foundation