GP Music Awards 2016


Following the success of previous Bangladeshi musical award platforms in the past few years, there has not been any notable musical award platform to recognize the artists of the struggling local music industry. GP Music being the leader brand in digital streaming music in Bangladesh, decided to launch its maiden music recognition platform called “GP Music Awards 2016”


The objectives were to:

–  Create a recognition platform for the artists to look forward to.

–  Allow the fans to engage by casting votes for their favorite artists and thus own the platform

–  Strengthening brand presence among Music Lovers

–  Engage a large part of the local music community


The idea was to create Bangladesh’s first integrated, digital led voting based award platform, where the winners were to be decided by the votes and power of the fans’ voices.


The nomination categories were divided into 7 segments. Fans could cast their votes through social media.


Afterwards, the top 3 nominations from each category were chosen and live online fan reaction videos were used to get votes of the fans for the top 3 nominations from each category.
The nominated artists engaged with their fans to cast their vote for their music or albums. Community groups were alive with discussions and debates about who should vote for who.

GP Music Awards 2016 was trending in Social media!

Finally and most importantly, there was a mega event organized by GP Music, where artists and stakeholders from the music industry were invited. The winners were awarded the physical trophy at that event


This integrated campaign engaged over 5 million users across social media and beyond. More importantly, we managed to engage a large part of the local music community and gave them a recognition platform to look forward to. This integrated campaign was also covered in numerous media outlets.