Bringing Smiles to All – Shobar Mukhe Haashi


WowBox had launched its new brand positioning Bringing Smiles in May 2016 while launching the new version 2.0 of the application. The main strategy behind this positioning was to bring smiles to its users’ faces with contextually relevant contents, campaigns and other features such as exciting deals & offers, free games, music and many more. Under this new brand positioning, the brand also felt the need to bring smiles not only on the faces of its users, but also on the faces of the under privileged.


  • Associate the brand with a social cause and thus establish WowBox as a responsible brand
  • Engage users & partners with the cause by giving them the opportunity to contribute to a cause through WowBox


To support this social cause, we designed a campaign through which the users and partners can both participate in the journey of bringing smiles to all. The big idea was to launch some special internet data packs through WowBox’s partner Grameenphone, which would exclusively be available only in the WowBox app. A portion of the fund from the sales of these data packs would be donated towards the social cause.


WowBox’s partner Grameenphone launched some customized internet data packs from which a percentage of revenue was donated to under privileged children to bring a smile on their faces. These special data packs were launched exclusively inside the WOWBOX application for its users and within a few days, Grameenphone achieved the targeted result.

The partner for this social campaign was ‘JAAGO Foundation’, one of the country’s leading educational institutions for under privileged children.

With the revenue collected from the sales of these special data packs, a daylong carnival was organized at the premises of JAAGO Foundation for the under privileged children. The WOWBOX team spent the whole day with them. The day was filled with laughter, knowledge sharing, along with some games and in the end the children were showered with gifts, which essentially were from the users of WowBox through their purchase of the special data packs!


  • The sales of data packs exceeded the target
  • 400 underprivileged children enjoyed a fun filled day and got gifts to help carry on their studies
  • Live videos from the day received comments of support & appreciation for the brand.
  • This campaign reached over 2 million people but above all, the brand along with its users, managed to bring a smile on the faces of these under privileged children