BRAC Chicken


Sports have the potential to make the most meaningful positive changes. A change which was much required in the close-knit community of the most prominent surfing destinations in South Asia. Since its introduction, many children around Cox’s Bazar enthusiastically got engaged in surfing and made it their way of life. But even in the days of modernity and pluralism, gender discrimination still resides in the small towns like Cox’s Bazar. Thus surfing was becoming very gender specific. A societal norm which was very fundamental regarding the way women should dress and engage in sports was barring them from entering this sport.


The objective of the campaign was to highlight the unheard surfing tales of Bangladesh, inner potential of women, the stories of them breaking boundaries. Through this campaign, our mission was to empower women & youth by giving them the opportunity to realize their potential.


Recognizing the need for preserving the future of the nation’s best surfers & carving a path for the potential female surfers, we developed the campaign ‘BRAC Chicken National Surfing Tournament 2015.’ The idea was to bridge surfing with humanity, so that our aspiring surfers especially the female surfers can establish themselves in the community and become financially stable and independent.


With the creative support of Magnito Digital, the campaign was initiated in the town of Cox’s Bazar, where:

  • 75 home grown surfers participated in BRAC Chicken’s National Surfing Tournament 2015
  • Along with BRAC Chicken; we joined hands with Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation & Bangladesh Surfing Association in 2015 and arranged the nation’s largest ever surfing tournament till date in Cox’s Bazar
  • World famous surfing organization ‘Surfing the Nation’ monitored and evaluated the whole event
  • One of the biggest celebrities of Bangladesh, Tahsan was involved throughout this initiative
  • Numbers of male & female surfers were 45 & 30 respectively
  • Overall prize money was worth 5 lac taka
  • To bring this event to the national & international forefront, we published 10 creatives and 2 videos on the social media spaces of BRAC Chicken