Atom Khao Chapar Jor Barao


Atom is a brand of PRAN- RFL Group within the chewing gum category. The main target group of Atom are people from the younger age segment between the ages of 15- 24.


  • Keeping the younger target group in mind, Atom wanted to overhaul its entire visual communication in the social media space to engage with and relate to its target audience.


The big idea was to position PRAN’s Atom as a witty brand by using the power of visual communication


Using Atom’s brand slogan ‘Chapar Jor Barao’, our creative team over a period of one year worked on the visual positioning of the brand. In times of trending issues in the country such as cricket, political situations and other social events, Atom was always one of the first brands to jump into the conversations using its unique visual identity. A few successful examples of executions include the visual communications of Miraj-Ud-Daula based on the success of Bangladesh Cricket team against England which went fully viral across social media


Throughout the year, the social media audience has been able to, not only recognize, but also engage with Atom’s visual communications. The unprecedented growth of Atom’s social media page speaks for itself as the fans of the page engage with the brand at a regular basis and express their perspective with the brand.