We are all synonymous with the name ‘Artcell’ as the band that brought rock music to the masses of Bangladesh. With debut album ‘Onno Shomoy’, followed by the perfect second album ‘Oniket Prantor’, Artcell had occupied a permanent place in the hearts of millions of music lovers. However in the early 2010s, the band seemed to go into a hiatus as there weren’t much activities from the band, be it live concerts or single releases. We realized that there was an opportunity for a PR Campaign connecting Artcell & GP Music.


–  Drive downloads and traffic to GP Music app

–  Ignite the lost love for Artcell across the nation

–  Linking the Artcell brand with GP Music, thus driving traction to the music streaming app

–  Inspire User Generated Contents

–  Generate organic PR

–  Strengthening GP Music brand presence among Artcell fans


The BIG IDEA was to reignite ‘Artcellism’ across every corner of the nation and thus linking it to the GP Music brand.


We created a microsite – with live feeds from their social media pages along with updates related to the band. On top of that, we created a facebook based community called ‘Artcell Army’ where different volunteers from different regions of the country added Artcell fans to this exclusive group.  Needless to say, the group was filled with organic engagement such as discussions, updates & debates on everything related to Artcell.

Then we executed the strongest part of this PR Campaign – Tribute to Artcell! Over 100+ Guitarist showed up at GP House to sing and play one of Artcell’s most popular songs ‘Pothchola as a huge group! The video created goose bumps within the music community of Bangladesh. But we knew, that wasn’t enough as the virality of such a content couldn’t be allowed to fade away. So we opted to go for a User Generated Rendition Route of the ‘Tribute to Artcell’ video. We got in touch with the students of two of the nation’s top institutions, BUET and IBA, and asked them to make their own group rendition of ‘Tribute to Artcell’. Both BUET & IBA Students produced 2 amazing tribute videos! Artcell recognized the efforts through their social media page and what happened next was magic! Seeing the tributes produced by these universities, other education institutions such as schools, colleges and universities started uploading their own renditions of ‘Tribute to Artcell’ in YouTube. The whole nation was caught in the fever of Artcell!


The results were phenomenal.
27 organic ‘Tribute to Artcell’ videos were uploaded in YouTube by different institutions across the nation.

The original video served over 50 million impressions and the combined campaign with all the user generated contents served over 200 million impressions!

The two pillars of the campaign, ‘’ and the Artcell Army Community group in facebook played a pivotal role in escalating this PR Campaign to a higher level.

The end result was that GP Music were successful in bringing back the Artcell fever back amongst the masses of the nation, which contributed in driving traction to GP Music App. The ‘Tribute to Artcell’ campaign proved, that if the power of the idea and the contents are good, it’s the people and their word of mouth that helps to make it a success!