Ami Bangladeshi – Web Video


Due to political turmoil during the first few months of 2015, the people of Bangladesh desperately needed a positive motivation to reignite their patriotism. Grameenphone, being a leading telecommunication brand of Bangladesh, wanted to connect with the masses and provide them with the connection to motivate them and reignite that patriotism that was being overshadowed. The upcoming Independence Day was the best opportunity to do so.


As a freedom loving nation, majority of our population are highly opinionated. In times of national turmoil, the patriotic urge to do something heroic for the betterment of the society only elevates. Our objective through this video was to speak the sentiment of the mass through the voice of a patriotic citizen who represents the entire population.


  • The 2 minute 30 second video covers the everyday hustle of a regular Bangladeshi in a very relatable way.
  • It talks about every aspect that makes us Bangladeshi from the voice of a regular citizen.
  • The core idea was to remind people of our roots and reignite their love for Bangladesh through highlighting Bangladesh in a positive light.


On the advent of the Independence Day, Magnito Digital adopted a simplistic approach and produced a video where an average Bangladeshi took the stage and gave a standout speech in the most intense tempo- a voice that would speak the inner thought of every single Bangladeshi. The video was uploaded on Grameenphone’s Youtube page, and it was also shared on its’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

An indoor venue located in the outskirts of Old Town was chosen. We broke the norm of taking the proven celebrities, rather we chose a stage actor for this particular video to create that emotional journey. The production cost was minimal with just that venue, that stage actor, a projector and minimal lights and crew members. This was a very low budget production but the idea n execution, in fact the power of content was so good that it went viral. Also it was one of the first non-branded and non-product videos that GP ever did in social media at that time.


  • The video went viral with thousands of shares and likes from various public pages and individual profiles
  • It received 15000+ shares
  • 13 independent popular local online pages shared the video
  • The video added 2 MILLION user generated impressions
  • The video received widespread critical acclaim upon release; 200,000 views in a span of one day
  • This video was awarded as the People’s Choice Award at Digibuzz 2014 organized by SD Asia. It was also part of our submission for Campaign Asia Digital Agency of the Year for this region, garnering acclaim from the movers and shakers of the advertising agencies across South Asia.