Bangladesh is a multicultural country where celebrating traditions and culture is embedded in our blood. Shakrain Festival is one of those occasions which has been celebrated for a long time in and around Old Dhaka (the buzzing and culturally enriched part of the city) during a specific time in the Bengali calendar. It portrays a symbol of unity and friendship which is observed mainly with the ritual of flying kites. The challenge was to popularize the Instagram channel of Grameenphone by increasing its followers and engagement. Another challenge was to familiarize people outside Old Dhaka with the diverse heritage of Bangladesh through capturing the colors and rituals of Shakrain.


Our idea was very simple. We wanted to be a part of this traditional Bangladeshi celebration and portray the beauty of this event through a small scale offline activation and a video. We started running a campaign named “Urai Ichcher Ghuri” (Flying the kite of aspiration) through Grameenphone’s Facebook and Instagram pages where we asked people to submit their photos using #UraiGhuri (which means Flying Kites) and #Grameenphone. We distributed 5000+ kites among the local people of Old Dhaka on the day of the celebration. We made a video capturing the beauty of this festival and shared it from Grameenphone’s social media pages 3 days after the event. Through this video we successfully captured the essence of the festival and brought it forward to everyone living outside Old Dhaka. People from all around the country and popular facebook groups started sharing and talking about this event and thus become viral.


• Received 300+ submissions
18000+ followers increase in Grameenphone instagram page; a 1200% growth was the direct result of the campaign as no paid promotion was done on Instagram
• Video Comments- 2500+
• Video shares 6500+
• Shared from 9 other popular pages
• Video views 850000+
88,000+ post likes, 58,000+ video likes