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Job Brief
Line producers work with the director, production manager and department heads to prepare the final budget, shooting schedule and production dates. They oversee hiring crew, finding equipment and suppliers, scouting locations and activities of various departments. Assist director on all pre-prep work and work with finance team.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. While the film is in production, the line producer:

Monitors the budget and production schedule, revising the schedule and controlling expenses to keep the film on time and within budget answers to the studio and acts as a liaison between the crew and the producer approves or denies additional expenses may hire and fire crew helps the director reach his artistic vision for the film deals with on-location crises oversees the wrap when shooting ends, sets are struck, and rental equipment is returned.

2. Post-Production:

  • Communicate with post-production editors
  • Manage budget for any outside editing work including music royalty
  • Ensure all material is copyright free or music/sound is licensed properly by working with legal team on rights issues
  • Get feedback on quality from product team ie Client
  • Track deadlines and provide weekly report

3. Delivery:

  • Create deliverables schedule including Poster, Thumbnail, Marketing Promos to marketing team
  • Provide end video files to encoding team
  • Work with product team to schedule the Video and any other support they need including feedback

Required Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of scheduling and budgeting
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to make decisions quickly
  • Flexibility to deal with unexpected changes
  • A calm approach during crisis management
  • Excellent industry contacts, and must command the respect of the production crew.
  • Exceptional communication skills are required, as well as the diplomacy to balance the creative expectations of the director, artists and creative personnel with the financial resources available.
  • Negotiating skills with suppliers
  • Willingness to work 80 or 100 hours a week during the production phase


Considerable industry experience, which can only be acquired by working for a number of years in film, television and/or commercial production.

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