Magnito Digital Snaps Up A Few More Awards

Digital Marketing Awards, an initiative of the Bangladesh Brand Forum was aimed to recognize the brilliant and meaningful work of the digital marketing industry of Bangladesh. Awards for the Digital Marketing Award 2020 were given in 16 different categories, each consisting of three ranks, namely Gold, Silver, and Bronze. We, Magnito Digital have won 3 […]


Be the Master of Your Destiny

Everyone should have the privilege to write their own destiny, and with this ideology, we launched the “Be Your Own Boss” campaign for Delta Life Insurance. Delta Life Insurance is one of the leading life insurance companies in Bangladesh, a company that has touched the lives of millions of people to make their lives a […]

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Etiquettes in the World of Internet

With the availability of fast 4G internet, we are now more powerful than ever, and it has allowed us to be limitless, but being limitless might not always be as good as it sounds. We need to know where we must draw the line, especially in this fast-moving digital world, where everything is connected. With […]


Effective use of Brand Communication during the COVID 19 pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic took the world by storm and stagnated lives throughout the nations. Streets became empty, offices and industries shut down. The enforced lockdown isolated us from our daily lives, confining us in our homes. In this panic, the mass people were all connected through social media for staying connected with their loved […]

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A Positive Thought Goes a Long Way

An idea no matter how small or big starts with a positive thought. Keeping that in mind, POSITIVITEA was introduced by Fresh Premium Tea to spark new thoughts and ideas with the world. This unique initiative explored different types of interests that inspired the nation’s youth to seize the day and help rebuild the nation. […]


Digital Marketing & COVID-19 – Fad or Paradigm Shift?

Effects of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing Landscape COVID-19 global pandemic could potentially wipe out $3.02 billion off the nation’s $300 billion-plus economy (Kantar, 2020). Such an alarming business forecast begs businesses to answer a very disturbing question – are you ready? The national public health crisis has observed a drastic change in consumer purchase behavior. […]

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Magnito Co-founders of Magnito Digital, join TiE Dhaka Chapter as President and Board Member

We are thrilled to announce that Fayaz Taher and Riyad Husain, two Co-founders of Magnito Digital, are representating as President and Board member of TiE Dhaka Chapter for 2020-2022. TiE Global is a nonprofit organization devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. Fayaz Taher, Co-founder, Magnito Digital […]

5 things to know about digital marketing

5 Things to Know About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has long stopped being just a buzzword to more of a necessity now, especially during the global pandemic. If you want to grow your business, digital marketing is the armor you need to do it the right way. What is Digital Marketing? In a nutshell, Digital Marketing—also known as online marketing—is an umbrella […]


Propping up the economy

Proper utilisation of national resources, capital, and infrastructure are the most important components for Bangladesh to move forward after the pandemic Photo: Project Syndicate The whole world is now gripped by not just a health pandemic, but also an economic crisis. Each country is faced with unique and unprecedented economic challenges and will have to […]


Magnito Digital’s Workshop For Fresh Graduates at The School of Business at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

A platform by IUB (Independent University Bangladesh) to prepare their students for the professional field focused on acing job interviews. Several companies were invited to take mock interviews from relevant field. Students may also get hired if the companies find a promising candidate. This year, professionals from Magnito Digital, Dhaka Tribune, BRAC International, etc. interviewed […]